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More than just buying a car


When you decide on your car, you want to be 100% certain that its the right one for you. Carformative experts are here to make your next car purchase the easiest and most enjoyable car purchase you have ever made! We strive to be way beyond informative.


Step  1

Vehicle PRofile

Complete the “Vehicle Profile” wizard to give us an accurate picture of who you are and what you need your vehicle for. These tailored questions will allow our Carformative experts to identify the type of vehicle you are shopping for. If you already have a specific car in mind, you might even find out there is another car that will fit your needs even better! Don't fret if you are not 100% sure about each question. This questionnaire serves as an initial step to understanding who you are. You will have the opportunity to speak to an expert later on in the process.


Step 2

Initial recommendations

Based on the criteria you have given us, we will select several vehicles for your consideration. Each recommended vehicle will be given a preliminary write up to help you learn about them. This will include relevant specifications such as price, available trim levels and fuel economy, an overview about the vehicle, pros and cons, and a personalized description as to why this vehicle will fit your needs as closely as possible. This initial list of recommendations will be sent to you via email. Take your time to review it and let us know if you have any questions!


Step 3

Response from You

Take time to look over the recommendations we have provided for you, and determine which one is your favorite. Carformative experts are eager to answer further questions about the recommended cars and can be reached via email or phone call. This is the most important part of your car buying decision, we want you to be completely happy with your selected vehicle, and will continue to work with you until we have decided on your perfect next car. You will truly see how personalized this process will be during this step, with a dedicated Carformative expert working with you!


Step 4

final decision

Once you have come to a final decision on which car is going to be your next, you will receive a final confirmation from your Carformative expert. This will include further information allowing you to go out and find that exact vehicle that you want and make your purchase knowing you have made a great choice! As with all the other steps of the process, feel free to ask for help. Also remember that the expert advising does not have to end here! We offer plenty of other services that range from helping you find an exact vehicle and negotiating with the dealership to customizing your new car with wheels and window tint!

Automotive experts, here to help you!


Buying a car is an important decision. You rely on your vehicle to get you to work, to transport your kids to school, to take those long-awaited family vacations or zip off for a quick weekend getaway. Choosing the right car for you is crucial. After all, you can't just return a car the way you can an incorrectly sized pair of shoes!

Our Carformative experts live and breathe cars. We love anything automotive, whether it is the newest Ford crossover or latest BMW sports car.  Trying to decipher manufacturer advertisements, magazine reviews, and online videos can be intimidating. Trust us to simplify and explain exactly what you need to know. 

We want to help you streamline the car buying experience and eliminate all the uncertainty when it comes to finding your next vehicle. We specialize in personally guiding you through the car buying process, offering expert advice on which vehicle will best suit your needs so you leave happy with your purchase!